January 29, 2021

Hyperion Robotics is one of the winners of the Iberdrola Transmission Construction Automation challenge.

After pitching in front of the Iberdrola's innovation jury, Hyperion has been selected to collaborate with the energy giant and apply 3D printing technology to the construction of their transmission network.

An exciting future for 3D printing concrete:

This is a milestone for Hyperion to scale our 3D printing reinforced concrete technology and support Iberdrola's transition towards a greener energy future.

"[Iberdrola is] seeking out innovative and efficient ways to improve construction techniques for Iberdrola's transmission substations and lines"

Key benefits acknowledged by the jury were:

Increased productivity and profitability: eliminating formwork and moulds can mean up to 70 % of costs and execution time

Design freedom and optimisation: lighter items can be produced that require only half the amount of materials.

Sustainability: the amount of concrete required, one of the most polluting and frequently used materials, is reduced by half and the entire process lowers the amount of waste produced by almost 90 %.

Increased health and safety conditions: only the robots are at risk. The workers — one operator and one assistant — simply supervise the process.

"We want to thank the Iberdrola team for believing in our team and for being aligned with our mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable and automated construction."

Congratulations to Maturix, the other winner of the Startup Challenge: Maturix official page

To learn more about this exciting competition, please visit the official competition: Iberdrola's Construction Automation challenge

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