February 21, 2019

World's First 3D-Printed School

Hyperion is collaborating with nonprofit organization Thinking Huts and architecture firm Studio Mortazavi to build the world's first 3D-printed school in Madagascar.

A sustainable future

"At Hyperion, we also aim to employ our innovative technology to build a sustainable infrastructure to improve education in least favoured communities"

Each of the classrooms will be 3D printed using our sustainable circular 3D printing mix adapted to reuse locally-sourced materials. 

We will be training the local workforce to use our 3d printers with the aim of scaling up the construction of these schools across the country.

3D printing has the potential to Two of the reasons for choosing 3D technologies to build its schools is to minimize construction time and costs, as 3D printing is much faster than traditional construction times. W

The benefits of 3D printing concrete

3D printing has the potential to improve the efficiency of the construction industry by reducing time and costs associated with concrete buildings.

In addition, these 3D printed schools will be built more sustainably by using no formwork, up to 50% less material and locally sourced recycled materials.

A lower carbon impact

"Our 3D printers are capable of placing material where it is most structurally needed resulting in material savings up to 50%"

This is an exciting opportunity for the whole team and we look forward to collaborating with our partners Thinking Huts and Studi Mortazavi and employing our 3D printers for the initial pilot taking place in the South of Madagascar.

To learn more about our collaborators, you can visit the following links:

World Economic Forum Video

Thinking Huts Website

Studio Mortazavi

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