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Project Description:

Through a close collaboration with Techint’s engineering team, Hyperion came up with a strategy to optimize the geometry of trench systems used in the client’s energy projects and fully automate the manufacturing process. At the same time, we performed an analysis of locally available materials and developed a concrete mix that could be used at our client’s location, making logistics much more streamlined for their project. 

The project involved process planning, design and engineering, production of trench systems and nodes and full-scale structural testing. The acceptance phase of the project was structured in three parts: Design and engineering, 3D printing and testing of small scale components and 3D printing of the full size trench & connection chamber.

The final outcome of this acceptance project is a blueprint of what Techint will build on site once Hyperion sets up one of its Micro-Factories in Latin America. We were able to demonstrate that the 3D printed concrete trench systems made with our Micro-Factories reached the required compressive, tensile and flexural strengths as required by the client.

The highlight of the project was one of the prototypes which was the tallest and heaviest piece of 3DCP ever printed by Hyperion -  2.3 m tall and 2.7 tons of weight.

We also provided a detailed calculation report with all design and engineering details, production process and the estimations for large-scale production which was approved by the client in order to move to the next phase of the project.

Key metrics demonstrated the success the client has enjoyed with Hyperion:

1. Cost was shown to be competitive at the full-scale of the project; 

2. Project lead time was reduced by 50% in Hyperion’s Micro-Factory; 

3. Health and safety risks were minimized by reducing labor by 70% by  letting the machines do the hard work;

4. Higher sustainability was achieved thanks to 35% reduction of materials and CO2 emissions and simpler logistics, eliminating the need for a long term campsite with a large number of construction workers;

Project Information:


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Helsinki, Finland