Micro-Factory Lahti

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Project description

Our first operational 3D printing Micro-Factory, installed on Peikko site in Lahti for two weeks. Hyperion's 260-square-meter Micro-Factory was set up in Finland's top-class environmental city and demonstrated how it is possible to improve the sustainability and productivity of the construction process with the help of automation. In our Micro-Factory, we printed 20 different fully reinforced concrete pad foundations. Representatives from different cities, universities and industry leaders came to visit us as well as our partners and investors.

Construction companies can learn from industry and agriculture success stories where productivity has been improved through automation. With automated construction processes, lead times are shortened, and at the same time, worker safety, material efficiency and ecological sustainability during the entire life cycle of the building can be improved. Hyperion's Micro-Factory is a comprehensive solution that combines Industrial Robots with patented hardware and software, and produces optimized reinforced concrete structures for construction projects with the help of automation.

Micro-Factory basic setup

“We want to thank Topi Paananen and the entire Peikko team for promoting this project. We have a common mission with Peikko to make construction faster, safer and more environmentally friendly. It is a pleasure to work with a partner like them.” | Fernando De los Rios, CEO of Hyperion Robotics.



Peikko Group


15 fully reinforced, optimized pad foundations of three different sizes


4 production days




Lahti, Finland

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