Concrete 3D Printing
We provide sustainable and tailor-made solutions for the construction industry.
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At Hyperion Robotics, we offer a unique 3D printing process for production of reinforced concrete elements. This advanced manufacturing method allows our customers to have design-freedom and create some of the most complex structures with no molds, in a more efficient and sustainable way.
custom prefab elements

No molds or formwork

We provide design and production services of customized concrete products. Our 3D printers can produce large-scale elements without molds or formwork, in just a few hours. Contact us if you need custom concrete structures for your projects.

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proprietary algorithms

Design Freedom

Thanks to our proprietary algorithms we are able to design, and 3D print complex geometries with optimized structures. We are able to generate unique patterns and textures that are not just aesthetic but also provide structural properties.

greener construction

Sustainable Design

Through topology optimization, we are able to design optimized structures and reduce the use of concrete by up to 50% while keeping the same properties. This means that we reduce cement, which is the cause of 8% of global CO2 emissions. At the same time, our process helps to significantly reduce waste from molds, materials and water.

large-scale projects

Automated mass production

Thanks to the high precision and automation brought by industrial robots, we are able to set up automated facilities for mass production of concrete projects. From affordable housing to prefabricated elements for infrastructure projects.

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