Construction Elements

We have designed and produced optimized 3D printed elements for construction. By leveraging our technology, we can significantly reduce labor and human exposure. These elements have been produced with no formwork or molds, in just a few hours instead of days, and with almost zero waste.

Base of machine

3D Printed concrete base of machinery for industrial plant.


Optimized concrete column. Produced in 30 minutes with no formwork. 40% less concrete than traditionally built columns.


3D Printed concrete beam. Produced in less than 40 minutes.

Artificial coral reefs

From our Chief Design Officer, Ashish Mohite's research at Aalto University, we have developed a unique design method that allows us to recreate organic structures such as coral reefs, which are the source of food and income for more than 1 billion people around the world, and are dying due to global warming.
This means that they have to be protected and restored.

Art in the City - Umeni ve Meste

In 2019 we collaborated with Umeni Ve Meste event which means "Art in the City", located in Ceske Budejovice, the city where the famous Budweiser beer was created in the Czech Republic.


Sculpture designed by Lukaš Rais.

Urban furniture

3D printed furniture and flower pots. Designed by artist Michal Trpak and Kunal Chadha.

3D Bench

Designed by our co-founder Ashish Mohite.

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