Hyperion has been collaborating with construction companies, engineering firms and designers to deliver a wide array of projects across the world. Below you can find some of the projects we have delivered with our technology.


Micro-Factory Lahti

Our first operational 3D printing Micro-Factory, installed on Peikko site. In four days, we have 3D printed 15 fully reinforced, optimized pad foundations of three different sizes.

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Metabuilding staircase

Hyperion Robotics collaboration with IAAC resulted in a successful design and 3D printing of a highly parametric slope stair using 95% recycled mortar mix – Hyperion Geo-Mix.

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Techint Trench System

Hyperion came up with a strategy to optimize the geometry of trench systems used in the client’s energy projects and fully automate the manufacturing process.

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Hyperion Alkali Activated Material

Using mining tailings, we developed an alkali activated, just-add-water, 95% recycled, 3D printable mortar mix. The result of the project is a 2-ton water tank 3D printed in 100 minutes.

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Fraunhofer Coral Reef

Hyperion has been commissioned by the Fraunhofer Institute to 3D print a series of coral reefs aiming at rebuilding damaged underwater environments and favoring marine life.

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Iberdrola Pad foundation

Hyperion Robotics has partnered with Iberdrola and Peikko to create an optimized foundations that use 75% less material compared to traditionally built concrete foundations.

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Stora Enso

Using Versalime, paper pulp industry waste product, provided by Stora Enso, we have developed a 65% recycled 3D-printable mortar with 0% cement. With 25 MPa compressive strength it is suitable for most construction applications.

3D light beam

Combining computational design and the freedom of shape provided by 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) technology, the ongoing research project 3DLightBeam - 3D Printed Lightweight Beam challenges conventional reinforced concrete structures by exploring new design solutions for lightweight load-bearing concrete beams. The project was led by CREATE in partnership with Weber Saint-Gobain Denmark, Fosroc Denmark, Danish Fibers and developed with Hyperion Robotics 3D printing technology.

Reinforced mini bridge

We are actively working on solving the problem of reinforcement for 3D printed concrete. One of the avenues that we are exploring is continuous 2 mm steel wire reinforcement. Wire reinforced mini-bridge is the first human scale test sample of an ongoing R&D.


In collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University we are exploring the possibility of using demolition waste in 3D printable mortars. A textured planter is the first prototype.

Yfaloid reef

Two artificial reefs, designed by Iason Pantazis and Evangelos Pantazis (Topotheque Design Research Studio) for Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022.

Lobster lounge

The lobster lounge AKA Lennon’s reef is designed by a renowned marine biologist David Lennon, Lobster lounge is an artificial reef suitable for habitation and latching by a variety of fish, crustaceans and invertebrates.

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