LEVERAGING the power of 3d printing to create
bespoke concrete projects

Hyperion has been collaborating with construction companies, engineering firms and designers to deliver a wide array of projects across the world. Below are some of the projects we have delivered with our technology.

3D Light Beam

A partnership between Hyperion Robotics and SDU CREATE to create "3DLIGHTBEAM - Prototype #02", a 3.2 meters load-bearing reinforced concrete beam with stress-based optimization and manufactured with robotic 3D concrete printing.


In collaboration with our academic partners CREATE SDU, we have been researching on structural optimisation for 3d printed concrete elements. This research case study aims at maximizing the printing height of our elements whilst minimizing the use of materials.

Construction Elements

Applying our 3D printing technology to commonly used building elements to showcase the benefits of this technology compared to traditional concrete manufacturing.


• 50% material saving
• 30% less cost
• Zero waste


• Produced in 10 minutes
• No formwork
• 40% material saving


• Produced in 23 minutes
• 50% material saving

Artificial coral reefs

Hyperion is involved in marine restoration projects to rebuild coral reefs around the world. Using our technology and software, we have developed a series of printed patterns to mimic the unique structures that provide the support to marine life.


Hyperion has collaborated with various artists to develop city installations in various capitals of Europe. By combining the versatility of 3D printing concrete with the creativity of our partners, we have been able to develop a new artistic expression for concrete making.
Designs by Lukaš Rais, Michal Trpak and Kunal Chadha

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