About us

Hyperion Robotics is a Finnish technology company formed by experts in engineering, construction, 3D printing and robotics.

Shaping the future of concrete

Our team is ever growing in expertise and number but our belief in an open, collaborative work environment is unchanging. We strive to build a culture of trust and respect throughout all our operations. And we know how to have fun.


We come from all over the world and celebrate our differences.


We are constantly tinkering, creating and inventing.

Personal growth

We invest in our team and challenge one another to become better.


We pride ourselves to only delivery quality work.


Together, we are stronger. We leverage our collective genius.

MEet the team


Fernando de los rios

Co-Founder & CEO

Fernando has been building start-ups to disrupt the construction industry for the last 6 years. With a strong background in finance, he leads the business development of the company.



Ashish Mohite, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Co-Founder & CTO

Ashish has a PhD in Architecture and 3D printing. He has been a researcher in 3D printing for a decade, before that he worked as an architect in India, Germany and Finland.



Henry unterreiner

Co-founder & Construction Lead

Henry is a chartered structural engineer with over 7 years of experience at Arup delivering large scale projects around the world. He brings his passion and expertise to engineer each of the projects we 3D print.



Mariia Kochneva

Head of Product

Coming from a background in architecture and design, and having done academic research on PE AM (Paste Extrusion Additive Manufacturing), Mariia leads our multidisciplinary product team to build an automated and sustainable 3D printing solution.


Ana Finnberg Pérez

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Ana is a mechanical engineer student at Aalto University. Working as the captain of the printing team, she is specialized in the printing process and works with other mechanical engineers to bring new innovations to our printing setup.


Ensar Yerİşenoğlu

Mechatronics Engineer

Ensar's passions are automating mechanical systems and 3D printing. In Hyperion, he is working on integration of the sensors, developing feedback systems and designing mechanical parts.



Material Scientist

Hamid has a PhD in Structural Engineering. He has been a researcher in sustainable cementitious materials for more than 5 years, with a strong background in biochar-added concrete. Hamid is leading the Materials' team to design optimally 3D printable concretes.



Facility Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in different kind of fields, Hervé is an all-rounder who strives to improve the work life of the entire team. He takes care of all the logistics necessary for the proper and safe functioning of the company.


IdA Kankila

Sales and Business Development Assistant

Ida is an environmental science student, who brings her passion for sustainability to the construction industry as a sales and business development assistant. She aims to drive change and make a positive impact on the environment by helping Hyperion grow and thrive.


Iris Mark

Print Technician & Graphic Designer

Together with the rest of the printing team, Iris is responsible for operating the robotic 3D printing system. She is also the main Graphic Designer at Hyperion and previously worked in the corporate communication world.



Junior Software Developer

Maria likes to play chess and solve puzzles and is interested in graphics and artificial intelligence. At Hyperion Robotics, Maria helps simplifying and organizing information and speeding up the robot and processes.


Miroslav Urosevic

Automation Engineer

Miroslav is an electrical engineer with passion for automation and robotics. His main focus is control automation, robot programming and software development.



Marketing Specialist

Phuong is a analytical marketer, who always brings interesting ideas backed with data to the table. Her creativity while staying rooted in data makes her a valuable asset to the team. Outside work, her personal pursuit is singing and writing poems.



Production Engineer

Raul is an enthusiastic and adventurous Civil Engineer who leads our 3D concrete printing team. He is determined to leave his mark in the construction field by making a significant contribution and being at the forefront of this revolutionary technology.


Tuomas Lukka

Software Development Advisor

Tuomas Lukka, formerly cofounder of ZenRobotics and Finland's youngest PhD, advises the company on robotics and software development.



Let's work together!

We thrive through rich collaborations and are always on the search for professionals that will accompany us on our mission to make the concrete industry more sustainable. If you would like to work with us, please visit our Careers-page.