June 16, 2021

Hyperion has partnered with SDU CREATE to create 3DLightBeam - Prototype #02, a 3.2 meters load-bearing reinforced concrete beam with stress-based optimization and manufactured with Robotic 3D Concrete Printing.

CREATE is the group for Computational Research in Emergent Architectural Technology, founded and directed since 2018 by Associate Professor Roberto Naboni. The group is based at the TEK Faculty of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), and it is an integral part of the section of SDU Civil and Architectural Engineering (CAE).


How can we use 3D Concrete Printing and performance-based design to reduce the weight of horizontal structures?

Combining computational design and the freedom of shape provided by 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) technology, the ongoing research project 3DLightBeam - 3D Printed Lightweight Beam challenges conventional reinforced concrete structures by exploring new design solutions for lightweight load-bearing concrete beams.

A series of full-scale reinforced concrete beams are 3D Printed in the Robotic 3DCP fabrication cell of the CREATE Lab and tested at the Concrete Lab at SDU. Working towards the reduction of material usage, the design studies look at the material optimization and characterization for solid beams, the opportunities enabled by functionally grading applied to controlled toolpath generation for porous, stress-based 3D modelling. The produced structural elements take advantage of the high control over the printing parameters such as speed, layer width and height to optimize the final outcome.

The project is linked to parallel investigations on the anisotropic behaviour of 3DCP structures, where a series of specimens are tested for compression strength and rebar-concrete bonding with different printing directions.


CREATE Group - Led by Ass. Prof. Dr. Roberto Naboni

Research Team: Ass. Prof. Dr. Roberto Naboni, Luca Breseghello, Filippo Meglioli

Structures Group - Led by Ass. Prof. Dr. Henrik Brøner Jørgensen

Team: Ass. Prof. Dr. Henrik Brøner Jørgensen, Mads Sørensen, Philip James Douglas, Simon Andreasen

University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Section for Civil and Architectural Engineering (CAE)

Industrial Partner for 3DCP

Hyperion Robotics

Project Partners:

Concrete material: Weber Saint-Gobain Denmark

Concrete Admixtures: Fosroc Denmark

Polypropylene Fibers: Danish Fibers


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